About Me

Art: creation meant to communicate or appeal to the sensesAndy

Fine dining can, and should, be equivocated to the appreciation of fine art, while food photography is about capturing the essence of the artwork presented with each dish. I view the coveted degustation menu as a design by a master craftsman, and it is my purpose to document such beautifully presented works of art to showcase each chef’s meticulous design. I also hope to provide the opportunity for all food enthusiasts to live vicariously through my work, maximizing one’s appreciation and enjoyment of haute cuisine.

There are many respected philosophies that food photographers adhere to, each embedded with truth worthy to adopt as doctrine, but  my choice philosophy is to always approach every tasting as an art exhibition.  I want to disseminate this art, as I interpret it, for others to appreciate.

However, it is always a challenge to photograph each dish while acting as a normal patron. That is, without special lighting equipment or a tripod. But I also prefer it this way. It’s more rugged and authentic to have to adapt to your surroundings and use minimal equipment for the shoot. I’m not interested in perfect lighting or flawless pictures. I want to present the dinner how one would normally experience it. One will, therefore, not find contrived photographs in my galleries; instead, pure images captured in the moment are presented.

I want to thank you for visiting and exploring my blog. I hope that you will experience the same excitement and pleasure that I felt while documenting my culinary adventures. But more importantly, I hope my work will also heighten your appreciation for the arts and inspire you to share your passions with the world.

Lastly, I want to offer a quick overview of the website. The Abstractions page is where you will find my literature. The Restaurants tab will have a drop-down menu with all of the restaurants I have visited. Each restaurant page has a gallery of  pictures, and by clicking on each picture, an interactive slideshow menu will appear. In Between Meals is where you will find my travel photography. The To Do List will offer a list of restaurants around the world that I hope to visit. Lastly, About Me is this page right here. It also has a drop-down tab to contact me. I would love to hear from you!



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