Nothing is more exciting to me than the opportunity to eat at a highly acclaimed food establishment – especially one adorned with 3 Michelin stars. Do I focus too much on the Michelin rating? Maybe, but there is a noticeable separation between the restaurants who have earned their stars and those who have not. However, I do not limit myself entirely to rankings and awards, but there is something special about dining at a Michelin recognized restaurant or one that’s been placed on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. I can easily spend hours researching the best restaurants in the world and find the utmost joy in creating travel itineraries. The hours spent planning only exacerbates my restlessness to be served plate after plate of the highest quality ingredients in the most unlikely combinations.

The restaurants that appear in the drop-down menu of this page are there because I believe that each deserves special attention. Enjoy.Sonnora Dining Room

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